August 04, 2010 at 07:06 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC; CBS /LandovReality TV fans are pissed. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced last week its decision to banish the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program category to its  Creative Arts ceremony, effectively banning it from Aug. 29’s Primetime Emmys telecast. ATAS has deigned to allow the merry band of hosts on the Emmys stage before — remember 2008’s awkward opening monologue? — but this year there’s just no time! You see, 2010’s telecast will be live, or as Tom Bergeron would say, “Liiiiiiiiiiiive!” and it needs to end on time because it’ll be replayed right away on the West Coast. And a Bob Hope Humanitarian Award is being given out for the first time in six years. Sorry, most popular shows on television! Awards have to be given out to a whole bunch of TV movies and miniseries that barely anybody watches, and George Clooney’s gonna wear a tux. To which we say…

Unacceptable. Get real, Emmys! It’s fine to consider reality TV the dirty second cousin of real TV — we all do! —  but you don’t have to be so weird about it. I mean, a gugillion people watch these shows, and you created this category. You can’t just send everyone to the kids’ table last-minute. Seacrest might be fine, but Heidi’s legs will never fit under the modified furniture, and if Phil Keoghan wears his Amazing Race shorts in defiance, I don’t even want to guess at what might be going on with his patented Phackage. It’s just not a reasonable solution. (To get the official ATAS position on the imbroglio, check out my colleague Lynette Rice’s juicy story on Hollywood Insider.)

These hosts with the most deserve better. And when you mess with an blogger (in this case, nominee and two-time winner Jeff Probst) you mess with us! What do you think, PopWatchers? Ready to take up the cause? Get on board by using #GetRealEmmys thoughtfully on Twitter and joining EW’s “Get Real, Emmys” Facebook page. It’s time to prove that activism isn’t dead…without ever having to stand up.

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