By Grady Smith
Updated August 03, 2010 at 04:03 PM EDT

Earlier this Summer, I picked up a book called The Affinity Bridge by George Mann that was lying around the EW offices. It had a nice cover, and it said something about “steampunk,” “automatons,” and a “glowing police officer” on the back. I wasn’t quite sure what any of those terms meant, but they sounded pretty cool, and I liked the idea of reading a Sherlock Holmes-y mystery tinged with sci-fi elements. To my delight, The Affinity Bridge ended up being a completely fun summer read. Was it the most well-written piece of literature? No. But was it exciting and creative? Absolutely! Mann brought industrial London to life with mysteries, fight scenes, zombies, robots, criminals, red herrings, and some major flirtation between the two protagonists. It was sort of like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie in book form.

Imagine my excitement, then, when I went to check if a sequel had been released yet, only to find that the latest Newbury and Hobbes Investigation, The Osiris Ritual comes out today. Even better, it looks to me just as wonderfully over-the-top as it its predecessor. The cover features a sarcophagus (which means there will certainly be walking mummies involved), and the product description includes the phrase: “his villainous predecessor, who is hell-bent on achieving immortality.” Um, yes please! I can’t wait to head to the book store this afternoon and pick up the latest edition of this goofy series, in which I hope to see even more dastardly villains, fast-paced fights, and blossoming romance between Maurice and Veronica. But what about you, Shelf Life readers? Do you like George Mann? Are you looking forward to reading The Osiris Ritual?