Another day, another scantily-clad female musician on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Just as we’ve finished debating Lady Gaga’s latest nudie pics for Vanity Fair, here comes Katy Perry posing for Mark Seliger in an array of bikinis and bras and birthday suits. While her pink lingerie is no whipped-cream-gun boobie apparatus, it’s not exactly Amish, either.

Perry’s never shied away from the provocative pin-up imagery, but it was pretty apparent to me during our sit-down for this year’s Summer Music Preview that she’s a tomboy at heart, and she’s got a lot more going on upstairs than a couple nice pieces of fruit. In her RS interview, she discusses her tendency to egosurf — “Any artist who says they don’t Google their name is a big fat liar,” she tells the mag — so you can’t say there’s a lack of self-awareness at fault. I guess it’s all part of the master branding plan. But she’s a savvy songwriter with a good handle on marketing and promotion, so why always with the sexyface instead of the smartface?

What do you think about the pictures, Mixers? Lovely and intriguing, or have your eyes started to glaze over from all the famous skin out there?

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