By Grady Smith
August 03, 2010 at 08:30 PM EDT

Image Credit: Tom Hauck/Getty Images; Tom Walck/PR PhotosLast night, Brett Favre told the Minnesota Vikings that he would not be playing in the upcoming 2010 season, citing an ankle injury as his reason for backing out. Really? We’re doing this again? The 40-year-old QB is no stranger to abandoning his team in the lead-up to the season. In 2008, he “retired” from the Green Bay Packers, only to be traded to the New York Jets. A year later, he “retired” once again, but then decided to play for the Vikings at the last minute. Are we all seeing the pattern here? Now I don’t know whether it’s Favre’s ankle or his ego that’s more swollen, but for whatever reason, the man doesn’t like to stay put for very long. Seriously, he’s becoming a more prolific retiree than Cher!

So I’m wondering, PopWatchers: Who is the biggest serial-retiree out there? Of all the celebrities that have supposedly retired, only to make their “comeback” a few months later, who is the most egregious offender? Vote in the poll below: