By Grady Smith
Updated August 02, 2010 at 07:30 PM EDT

Load up your wagons and pack your rations, frontier people, because you’re about to go on a journey down memory lane! Remember The Oregon Trail? You know, that old computer game that, um, everyone played? Of course you do! Well, YouTube comedy troop Half Day Today has posted a brilliant spoof movie trailer for The Oregon Trail. (Sadly, this won’t be a real movie.) I won’t give away all the little winks to the original game, but I did laugh out loud that this is “a film by MECC studios.” Love it! With material this funny, I’d be willing to ford ten rivers to watch a full-length Oregon Trail movie — heck, I’d caulk my wheels and float my wagon across them to see it. Watch the clip below to see the hilarity for yourself:

What did you think, PopWatchers? I think my favorite part was the all-too-true hunting scene. I would always kill about 3,000 pounds of bison, only to be told that I could only carry 120 back to my wagon. So now that we have an Oregon Trail(er), which other old video games would you like to see adapted? Odell Down Under? Word Munchers? Troggle Trouble Math?