By Leah Greenblatt
Updated August 02, 2010 at 04:42 PM EDT

The artist’s muse is a mysterious thing—mysterious, even, when its face looks very much like … Dwight Schrute‘s after a three-day bender at the OK Corral.

Rainn Wilson, star of screens large (Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen; Juno) and small (The Office), plays disheveled, bedeviling spark to his old friend Ferraby Lionheart‘s creative process in the new video for the L.A. singer-songwriter’s “Harry and Bess.”

We talked to both about their first official collaboration together; watch the exclusive EW premiere here, and hear more from the pair (RainnHeart? Fer-Rainny LionSon?) after the jump:

The duo met through their shared Baha’i faith—and a blood relative—about a decade ago. “[Ferraby] had a band with his cousin who’s a good friend of mine called Telecast,” Wilson explains to EW, “and I used to go follow them. I’m just a big fan of his, his very unique vocal and song style. He reminds me of one of those old troubadours, like a strange ’20s lounge singer… Is that the wrong word? He’s just kind of from some other time.”

Of Wilson’s role in the video, Lionheart says: “I think it’s kind of ambiguous, sort of surreal and unclear who Rainn is, maybe this crazy butler who’s trying to distract me from my work? The process of a creative person is very complicated and sometimes where your mind goes, it can be crazy.”

Lionheart is touring this summer behind his new album The Jack of Hearts. But don’t look for an onstage jam with Wilson: “I play guitar and drums a little,” admits the onetime drumstick rumbler of The Rocker. “But I’m such a rank amateur that it’s an embarrassment, I wouldn’t ask him to,” he laughs.

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