While promoting her new fall series Raising Hope at the Televisions Critics Association gathering in L.A., co-star Cloris Leachman was asked about the current adulation Betty White is enjoying. “I’m so sick of Betty White,” Leachman snapped, to laughs and a few gasps. “Never liked her.”

Leachman was kidding, of course. “We’re co-starring in a new movie, called You Again,” she noted, softening her tone. Still, Leachman really knew how to take over a press conference. She frequently answered questions that had been directed at Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia or co-star Martha Plimpton. She commanded that any reporter asking her a question stand and say his or her name before she answered. It was all in good, mock-grumpy fun, much like the battle-axe she plays in Raising Hope.

“Now you see why we work extra-long hours,” quipped Garcia, referring to Leachman’s barrage of one-liners and jovial insults. Informed by one reporter that she’d won more Emmys than any other woman and asked whether such things still mattered to her, she said, “You bet! And I’d better win one for this show!”

She just might end up deserving one.

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