Image Credit: Everett Collection I’ve had the Baywatch theme stuck in my head all day today. And not just because I’ve got the 1990s on the brain. Nope, it’s because, according to Variety, former Baywatch stars Traci Bingham, Nicole Eggert, Donna D’Errico, and Gena Lee Nolin are starring in Back to the Bay, a “docu-comedy” that will follow the actresses as they “embark on new phases of their career.” But here’s the catch (seemingly the bait to draw folks in who fondly remember those form-fitting red swimsuits): The four actresses will live together in a beach house.

This might be one show that I won’t let out of my sight. (Sorry, I can’t help it.) Now, as much as I am tempted to use this space to marvel over the description of D’Errico as “a conspiracy theorist whose goal is to climb Mt. Ararat and search for Noah’s Ark” (suddenly, my goal to not eat every Reese’s in my candy jar seems a lot less ambitious), I’ll instead discuss what other casts I would love to see reunite in their series’ setting for a TV series. Because, when it comes to some TV series, it’s tough to even picture the actors outside of their characters’ local haunts. (To this day, seeing Arrested Development‘s Jason Bateman anywhere outside a shoddily made model home still manages to somehow be jarring. Get back to model home, Michael! Or F— City!) Naturally, the easy pick is Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his friends forever at The Max. (Mario Lopez’s Dancing With the Stars experience might just give him a leg up on The Sprain in a dance rematch!) But I’m secretly crossing my fingers and wishing on my silver monkey that the members of Are You Afraid of the Dark?‘s The Midnight Society will one day reunite around the campfire for my enjoyment. Mainly because this past weekend, the mere mention of The Midnight Society while out with friends at a bar prompted an in-depth discussion as to who was hooking up with who when not telling ghost stories.Because you know those kids stumbled into trouble immediately after finishing their tales. What really was that “midnight dust” anyway?