By Michael Ausiello
Updated August 01, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT


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* Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan moonlight as talent agents. Garcia says she “stalked” Finnigan until she signed on to play her sister on their uproarious new sitcom Better For You. Finnigan, meanwhile, recruited her ex-Committed costar Josh Cooke to play her longtime boyfriend.

* There’s no such thing as an APB in Detroit. “It’s called a Citywide Search,” explained David Zabel, exec producer of ABC’s new cop drama Detroit 1-8-7.

* The panel for the new Matthew Perry-Allison Janney-Andrea Anders comedy Mr. Sunshine was 10 times funnier than the show itself.

* Perry wants to wait until the, ahem, third season of Mr. Sunshine before doing any Friends stunt casting. Funny stuff, right?

*David Schwimmer’s ears were burning during the Mr. Sunshine panel. After a reporter suggested that all of his former Friends had gone on to enjoy successful careers except Schwimmer, Perry said, “I haven’t seen David in a while, but I would assume he’s doing exactly what he wants to be doing… He loves directing. He loves the theater. So he’s probably doing a lot of that lame stuff.” That last part was a joke.

* Anders has serious Friends envy. After working with Matt LeBlanc (on Joey), Schwimmer (also on Joey) and now Perry, Anders confessed, “I just really want to be a Friend.”

* The key to healthy living can be found at your friendly neighborhood morgue. During the Q&A for her new procedural Body of Proof, desperate housewife-turned-medical examiner Dana Delany urged “everyone to see an autopsy. It’s fantastic. It will make you take care of your body.”

* When making a left turn in an intersection, a yellow light means stop and a red light means go. I think. Recounting a nasty run-in she recently had with a bus in Santa Monica, Delany explained, “When the light is yellow, it’s a free-for-all and it was my fault. If I had turned on a red light, it would not have been my fault. So don’t turn unless you have to.” Funny story: This is why I live in New York.

* Pretty people have it rough too. Ex-model and current My Generation star Jaime King revealed that she did not attend her high school prom.

* No Ordinary Family is not Heroes. Nor is it The Incredibles. “This is No Ordinary Family,” maintained star Michael Chiklis. Added exec producer Greg Berlanti: “It’s a fun throwback to some of the action-adventure shows I used to watch and love as a kid blended with a family show.” So basically it’s a cross between Heroes and The Incredibles. But more importantly, it’s really good!

* Maura Tierney is back! After taking nearly a year off to undergo treatment for breast cancer, Tierney—sporting a chic, shorter ‘do—confirmed during the session for her courtroom drama The Whole Truth that, “I’m good. I’m healthy.” And she looks it!

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* Sight gags—like the one ABC’s PR guru brought up on stage at the start of the day—aren’t cheap! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)


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