Image Credit: Fame PicturesSince Lady Gaga popped on the scene a few years ago, she’s been known for her epic songs and sense of style. Last night, VH1 premiered its latest season of The Short List focusing on the pop star’s gift of outrageous garb, called 10 Craziest Lady Gaga Fashion Moments.

“That girl is on fashion crack,” proclaimed Barneys creative directer Simon Doonan as they counted down Gaga’s wildest outfits. No. 1o was the platinum lobster headpiece and chicken claw bracelet she wore to dinner at Mr. Chow in London earlier this year. No. 8 was her staple bubble dress. She’s worn different versions of it to perform and once on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

When Gaga was scheduled to meet Queen Elizabeth last December, most people thought she’d arrive in something more casual. Those people were sadly mistaken. Gaga shook the Queen’s hand in a red latex gown, coming in at No. 6 on the list. No. 3 was personally my No. 1. Last July, Jim Henson was rolling in his grave, as Gaga wore a smock-like top made of Kermit frog heads. That fit was nuts.

No. 1. was the coned bra spitting fiery sparks she wore to 2009’s Much Music Awards. But really, ten outfits just aren’t enough to chronicle Gaga’s abundance of awe-inspiring costumes. What are your favorite Gaga outfits? Do you think VH1 placed their selection properly? Let us know.