By Emily Exton
July 30, 2010 at 05:45 PM EDT
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Andy Cohen took a break from his Bravo clubhouse duties to play the role of late night guest on The Colbert Report last night, where he was welcomed with a complimentary vodka soda (extra light on the soda). Because Colbert legally cannot show footage of The Real Housewives on his show (“the two universes would explode” if he did), he and Andy reenacted an “actual transcript” of the memorable season 2 Bethenny vs. Kelly verbal smackdown (“We’re not friends…This is you…this is me!”). The two men were impressively fluent in Housewife, each playing their character with vigor, enthusiasm, and plenty of eye rolls. Watch it below (reenacting starts at the 4:00 mark):

Andy is around the ladies often enough to understand the necessary intonation and mannerisms, but who knew Colbert could play catty so well? How does Colbert’s Kelly compare to Rachel Dratch‘s Housewives impressions? Anyone else smell a spin-off?

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