Readers respond to our first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Mel Gibson's antics, and summer music tours

By EW Staff
Updated August 03, 2020 at 01:58 PM EDT
  • Tall, Green, and Handsome
  • Ryan Reynolds on the cover. Reynolds in a skintight costume. Need I say more? Rachel Patrick
  • Bonney Lake, Wash.

I am a 35-year-old woman who is a huge fan of comics, superheroes, and sci-fi — a conundrum for the superhero genre, I admit — and I will plunk down $11 to see Mr. Reynolds and his six-pack abs portray Hal Jordan. But I wait in anxious anticipation for the day that Hollywood puts as much thought, writing prowess, money, time, and effort into the ultimate female superhero, the only one who really matters: Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter brought grace and elegance to the Diana Prince character; will filmmakers ever do the same? Or is Hollywood too sexist, even today, to imagine that a woman as great, noble, and heroic as Wonder Woman could succeed at the box office?
Nicole Sequino
Wading River, N.Y.

Love & Marriage in the Movies
I enjoyed Mark Harris’ take on marriage (or lack thereof) in movies. Yet I think the cup is more half-full than he realizes. Consider the believable look at marriage in Judd Apatow‘s comedy Knocked Up, for instance. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann‘s interactions and arguments are so humorously real that it is often reminiscent of Everybody Loves Raymond (a show Rudd even brings up in the movie).
Chase Dunnette
Cleves, Ohio

  • Singing the Blues
  • Regarding your article ”Summer Tours Collapse”: I was shut out for good Muse tickets when they played here in Arizona back in April. Why would I pay approximately $175 for two nosebleed seats when I could sit comfortably at home in my computer chair and watch every single date of the tour on YouTube? Talent guarantees, greedy managers, unreasonable ticket surcharges…whatever the reasons are for the lack of attendance at this summer’s concert tours, they’d better wise up before we all decide to stay home.
  • Jeffrey Fonzo
  • Apache Junction, Ariz.

All Too Familiar?
In his article “”Who’s to Blame for The Last Airbender?” Owen Gleiberman calls the original Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender a ”trash compactor of familiar tropes.” Ha! And Star Wars is just a mash-up of Arthurian myths and ’40s matinee serials, The Lord of the Rings a mélange of Beowulf and Wagner, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet merely a retread of Scandinavian sagas with a dash of Sophocles. It ain’t the pedigree of the pieces but the soul of the whole that matters.
Matt McHugh
Hoboken, N.J.