By Vlada Gelman
Updated July 29, 2010 at 10:05 PM EDT

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBSThe new season of How I Met Your Mother, executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas tell us, will be more like early ones, less like the most recent one. Oh, and like nothing you’ve seen before.


“We’ll be, from the first episode on, exploring a new saga for these characters,” says Bays. “There’s going to be a big game-changing moment in [that] episode.“

Game-changing as in the rewind in the series’ mythology that we’ve all heard about? Nope, says Thomas. “We’re taking a little trip forward…to get a glimpse of a huge, huge day in Ted’s life. It’s actually going to make it like a whole new story.”

“And we’re going to have actual mythology,” Bays adds with a laugh. “There’s going to be a Minotaur…a griffin. It’s crazy.”

All kidding aside, the dynamic duo are looking ahead to the show’s inevitable conclusion. “We have an idea of where [the series] will end up,” insists Bays. “We’re just going to have to ask the audience to trust us.”

Adds Thomas: “If HIMYM is a three-act play, this is kind of the beginning of the third act. [In it, there’s] going to be…a huge push that will lead us into the last big chapter.”

Thoughts? Got a fresh theory re: the identity of HIMYM’s mother? And do you think returning guest star Rachel Bilson plays a part in the premiere’s “game-changing” event? Place your bets below!

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