Disney has just released a wonderful behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of their latest princess film, Tangled. The Rapunzel movie’s theatrical trailer debuted last month, and while it was well-received, it left some (including yours truly) wondering whether Disney was abandoning their iconic princess-movie-mold in favor of boy-driven, swashbuckling action and flashy CG animation. Judging from this new featurette, such concerns needn’t worry us any longer. Tangled looks like it just may be the romanticized storybook fairy tale that Disney is famous for. Check out the clip below to see what I mean:

Wasn’t that surprisingly beautiful? Between the gorgeous images of Rapunzel in the lush, sun-soaked forest, the water-colored concept art, the Fantasy Land-inspired castle, and the pretty Medieval music, Tangled‘s sylvan world looks absolutely enchanting. It’s also nice to see that Rapunzel is, in fact, the centerpiece of her own movie.

Braiding together both pieces of released footage, I’m starting to get very excited about Tangled. Not only does it boast fast-paced action and adventure, but also a luscious, tree-laden setting as seen through the eyes of a completely sheltered heroine. Plus, Alan Menken — the man behind the music in The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, among others — is composing the music! So bring on the whimsy and sentimentality, Disney. I’m totally ready for it.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does this behind-the-scenes clip make you more excited for Tangled, or did you enjoy the swagger of the original trailer (and the just-released poster)?

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