By Michael Ausiello
Updated July 28, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Chris Lipson/CBS* A question about the cast’s ongoing contract renegotiations prompted leading lady Kaley Cuoco (Penny) to crack, “I’m doing next season for free.” All kidding aside, “we have a lot of people behind the scenes that we pay to take care of this,” she added. “That’s just the way it goes.” For more contract chatter, watch my interview with the cast at Comic-Con (embedded below for your convenience).

* Comparing Comic-Con to a pep rally, Jim Parsons (Sheldon) described Big Bang fans as the “sweetest, least psychotic people I’ve ever met.”

* “They’re very different people, so it was built into the characters that it would be difficult,” said exec producer Chuck Lorre of Penny and Leonard’s breakup. “It seemed natural that the relationship would come together and then fall apart. Maybe they’ll come together again. We don’t know.”

* Lorre’s reaction to the show’s move to Thursday nights this fall? “It’s a good thing,” he said. “Given where we are now after three seasons, I’d be crazy to argue with the choices CBS has made along the way. Our job is to make a good show, not program the show.”

* Wolowitz’s girlfriend, Bernadette (played by the hilarious Melissa Rauch), will be back.

* Is this the season Sheldon has some sex? Lorre teases that he will have a “very unique” relationship with Mayim Bialik’s returning physicist.

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