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In this week’s issue of EW, you’ll find an article by yours truly about Piranha 3D, the new movie from horror-meister Alexandre Aja and a film that everyone involved insists is the goriest release of the year, and possibly of all-time. We’ve also got the first ever photo of one of the titular fish — you can check it out above. It’s a nasty looking beastie to be sure, and a chilling reminder to younger readers not to flush live tropical fish down the toilet.

If your taste for watery mayhem has been whetted by the pic, but you can’t wait for Aja’s movie to hit screens on Aug. 20, then I would heartily recommend the new special edition DVD of the original 1978 Piranha which Shout! Factory is releasing on Tuesday and features a Trailers From Hell commentary by producer Jon Davison.

You can watch a clip for Piranha 3D after the jump. Are you ready to get your gore on? And, of course, your 3D glasses? Let us know!