You know a movie is complicated when Internet artists start creating infographics to explain its plot. Such is the case with Inception. While I more or less followed the film’s labyrinthine head trip during my first viewing, don’t ask me to tell you exactly what happened to every character and in what level of dream. I couldn’t. That’s what second (and third) viewings are for. But if you want a little help now, a 3-D modeler called dehahs has designed this rather ingenious visualization of Inception‘s storyline. (Click on the image to the left for a much larger version.) If you haven’t seen Inception, it goes without saying that the larger graphic includes SPOILERS, although you probably wouldn’t understand what you were looking at anyway.

It’s all there: the multiple layers of dreaming (including Limbo), the various “kicks,” and the paths of all seven team members. However, what’s perhaps the most awesome thing about this graphic is that the artist molded the timeline to resemble an optical illusion “paradox,” like one of M. C. Escher’s endless staircases. Someone needs to turn this design into a poster, pronto. Or, better yet, Warner Bros. should print it on a card and ship it with every Inception DVD/Blu-ray.

PopWatchers, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much of Inception did you comprehend the first time around? As for me, I’d say 7. And no, Christopher Nolan, you don’t get to play along.

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