By Emily Exton
Updated July 28, 2010 at 04:12 PM EDT

Twelve more acts competed for four spots in the America’s Got Talent semifinals last night, including “Harmonica Pierre” Herbineaux. The Belgian watch maker took to his namesake and performed Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” (my apologies if you just managed to get that song out of your head after last week). He was animated while describing his love for the instrument, and showed off his extensive array of harmonicas big and small. When Howie equated it to waiting room music, and questioned if Pierre is “big enough” for Las Vegas, he made sure we all knew that he plays the blues too. Versatility! But alas, that wasn’t the answer Sharon was looking for, as she explained that the only music that uses harmonica these days is the blues (minor details).

Another unique act was daredevil cyclist Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, who performed the most dangerous stunt he had ever attempted. The soft-spoken small town boy from Talent, Oregon (it’s destiny!) rode through fire and jumped across a series of bars while blindfolded, which is an impressive feat (although I could have done without his suggestive back-up dancers assistants).

What did you think of the South Philly Vikings, or as Piers would say the “overgrown school children in robot costumes”? What about CJ Dippa? Were you impressed with AGT‘s own answer to Bieber Fever, who not only writes lyrics about the competition, but about his feelings as well? Who are your four picks to advance tonight?