By Emily Exton
Updated July 27, 2010 at 10:50 PM EDT

Or can she at least add the Bravo reality stars to her celebrity impersonation repertoire? Dratch and Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Getting Married? star Bethenny Frankel joined my Bravo bestie Andy Cohen for the “Goodbye Until September” finale last night. The three shared drinks (minus the alcohol for the pregnant Dratch) and laughs while talking about Bravo’s silliest yet most addicting show. They even found time to play games! In “She By Charades,” Dratch had one minute to mimic some of the franchise’s most notorious characters. Bethenny, cocktail in hand, didn’t miss a beat with Dratch’s interpretations of her NY castmates (although it looks like Jill is still a sore subject for her. Love and light, ladies!), but quickly dropped the s-bomb on live, albeit late-night television, before making a reference to what we’ve all been thinking is the reason why Lynne Curtin from Orange County seems so damn spacey mellow all the time. Watch it below:

Dratch’s Caroline Manzo (“Let me tell you something about my family!”) and Jill Zarin (“You’re too toxic for me!”) impressions were pretty impressive, as was her overall knowledge and enthusiasm for the Housewives collective (don’t be ashamed, I know more of you are out there!). This show is always more fun when celebrities who happen to be closeted Housewives fans stop by to chat with Andy or interact with some of the franchise’s own stars.

Sadly,Ben Weiner, the ultimate Housewives fanatic, was not be in attendance. But Andy checked in with his mother, who was happy to report that our favorite WWHL caller recently won flag football MVP at his summer camp! Mazel, Ben! With The Real Housewives of New Jersey winding down, and DC season just beginning, hopefully there is a lot more Watch What Happens Live (and Andy Cohen) in our futures. Anyone getting a little “ramotional” at the thought of an August sans Andy Cohen? What has been your favorite moment so far?

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