By Archana Ram
Updated July 27, 2010 at 08:37 PM EDT
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Having been a Chicago resident for four years, I was totally shocked when I saw the footage of the Transformers 3 being filmed on the city’s famed Michigan Avenue. Normally a well-to-do, touristy street, for me it’s one of my fondest memories from college. (Skip classes to go shop on Michigan Avenue? Heck yes!) But in the video below we see a smoldering, ravaged street, peppered with souped-up cars and a fist-pumping Shia LaBeouf. Say it ain’t so!

The footage was shot by videographer Steve Bogda who captured the scene from his workplace. ” I spent 5 hours there with my camera looking down on it,” he writes on his Vimeo site. “I missed the explosion, but got Shia’s reaction to it at the end which is funny to watch. “

It isn’t the state of the street’s destruction that shocks me as much as the skillful, poetic footage (the backing track is Nine Inch Nails’ “La Mer”). Take a look for yourself:

I’m looking forward to the day it looks more like a tree-lined mega street than the remains of I Am Legend. (Fun fact: LaBeouf was drunkenly arrested at The Walgreens on Michigan Avenue after he refused to leave the drug store. Back to the scene of the crime!)

What do you think of the video? Does it get you excited for the third installment of this franchise?


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