Image Credit: Michael Kovac/WireImage.comMichael Bay loves aliens. He’s currently directing his third film with those robots from Cybertron who somehow turn into American makes and models, he’s producing the extraterrestrial refugee adaptation I Am Number Four, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s set to shepherd yet another it-came-from-outer-space flick. Described as Cloverfield meets Paranormal Activity — which is code for shaky meets blurry — the script for the as-of-yet untitled project was written by first-timer Bobby Glickert.

Say what you want about Michael Bay, but he knows a fundamental truth: Aliens, like bacon, can help make everything better. Just imagine how much more tolerable Pearl Harbor would have been if the attackers turned out to Venusian rather than Japanese. Josh Hartnett would leave to fight the space invaders, and Cuba Gooding Jr. would exchange anti-aircraft artillery with lasers. See? Better already.

What do you think, PopWatchers? What other films from Bay’s oeuvre should be retroactively fitted with outer-space beings? Marsageddon? The (Moon) Rock?

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