We recently caught up with Katy Perry as she was shooting a YouTube video in which she answers questions from fans (sample quote: “Well, my boobs are real…”). At the time, her smash “California Gurls” had just been knocked out of the top spot on the Hot 100, and we thought Perry might be a little bummed.

Not so! In fact, she told us she was surprised it became the song of the summer in the first place. “I didn’t know automatically ‘California Gurls’ would rocket,” she said. “I think that there are some real gems on the record and we have yet to really get to them.” Perry actually bet against the song hitting No. 1. “I made a bet with someone I work with that if it goes No. 1, I’ll take their kids to Chuck E. Cheese. And it went No. 1 for six weeks. I have six nights of Chuck E. Cheese planned. I’m excited! It’s going to be crazy!”

Check out the YouTube Q&A below.

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