By Darren Franich
Updated July 27, 2010 at 05:50 PM EDT

Any man who tried to grow facial hair in college will tell you: It’s tough to pull off a Van Dyke. It’s half-mustache and half-goatee, which are both things that get little respect in this awful clean-shaven era. So let’s give this to Jon Stewart, who debuted some silver-dappled facial hair on last night’s Daily Show: he looks pretty darn okay. His beard bears a slight resemblance to Brad Pitt’s gone-but-not-forgotten growth, but Stewart’s facial hair actually looks like something a normal person would grow.

Stewart made all the requisite jokes. (See video embedded after the jump.) They’re making a sequel to The Faculty! He’s actually a Japanese snow monkey! He dipped his chin in marshmallow fluff! (Notably, he did NOT make the seemingly obvious remark about being Jon Stewart’s evil Mirror Universe duplicate. Instead, he claimed to be Jon Stewart’s evil cousin, Wario. Sorry, Mirror Universe Spock, your meme is dead.)

What do you think, PopWatchers? Like it or loathe it? And is there anyone on TV who you think would look better with a beard? Should Anderson Cooper get a chin beard? How about Bill O’Reilly with a Fu Manchu?