By Archana Ram
July 27, 2010 at 06:20 PM EDT

It’s no secret that many celebrities are on Twitter (they’re just like us!) — often mainly just to build their public persona — but there’s something special about the more private ones or non-believers jumping on board.

Last October it was Tracy Morgan, who joined after fans started a campaign to get the 30 Rock star on the microblogging site. Then, in February, Conan O’Brien joined shortly after the late night fall-out. But stop the presses! Angelina Jolie — the elusive, mysterious, polarizing actress — has recently joined Twitter. I’ve got to know, @angelinajolie: How can I wake up looking like this?

But for now, I’ll have to find another source for tips on a voluminous ‘do and slightly smoky eyes, because, at this point, the Salt star doesn’t have any tweets or followers — and her account is locked. Us Weekly says Jolie will start spitting out 140-word messages later this year, but given the actress’ penchant for privacy and good deeds, my guess is the tweets will be charity-focused. (Jolie’s rep has yet to return EW’s calls for comment.)

But in a dream world, where Jolie would dish on Jennifer Aniston and other juicy items on her page, what message would you tweet to Jolie?

Photo: News