Basic economics are pretty predictable. Typically, when selling a product, the lower the price, the higher the number of people that want it. It’s really very simple. Every once in a while, though, a product comes along that’s so audaciously overpriced that it transcends the basic rules of buying. There’s Serendipity’s famous $1,000 ice-cream sundae, the defunct $1,000 “I Am Rich” iPhone app, and now, super-gimmicky, “enhanced” coffee-table books selling for $75,000 or higher.

The Globe and Mail reports that publishers are creating luxury novelty books about sports, celebrities, art, and culture, lacing their pages with various substances, and slapping astronomical price tags on them. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of the ten copies of a 37 kg book about Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar which has pages made up of a mix of paper pulp and the athlete’s own blood? It only costs $75,000! And who wouldn’t be over the moon at the chance to own a gigantic picture book about the lunar landing? For just $112,500, you could own a volume that has real bits of moon rocks in the pages!

What’s next? A memoir about the Kardashians featuring authentic samples of Bruce Jenner’s lifted skin or injections of fat from Kim’s rear? Shelf Life readers, are you as appalled by this phenomenon as I am?

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