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Image Credit: Clay EnosWatchmen and 300 director Zack Snyder has apparently described his new movie, Sucker Punch, as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns.” And the action-packed trailer would very much seem to back up that assessment.

True, I didn’t see any waistcoat-wearing rabbits. But there’s plenty of young ladies, and machine guns, and ordinary guns, and big swords, and a fire-breathing dragon, and a burning airship. There’s also a metronome. But I guess Snyder probably thought, rightly, that describing the movie as “Alice in Wonderland with a metronome,” wasn’t such an appealing sell.

Anyway, it’s quite a trailer, if not the most enlightening one in terms of plot. Watch the clip after the break, and give us your opinion. What do you think this movie is actually about?


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