Image Credit: James Leynse/CorbisStephen King fans, you won’t want to miss this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (the one with Inception on the cover). As part of EW’s 20th anniversary, we’ve got a must-read feature story called “The Wit and Wisdom of Stephen King,” which excerpts some of the best moments Mr. King has had in his seven years as a monthly columnist for EW. Whether it was his kickoff contention that Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code (as well as 70 percent of the material on the fiction and nonfiction best-seller lists) is “dreck” or his tirade against movie-theater advertisements (“I wish every moviegoer in America would stand up in the dark and shout ‘TURN THAT S— OFF! THAT ISN’T WHAT I PAID FOR!TURN IT OFF RIGHT NOW!'”), “Uncle Stevie” has, from the get-go, been a wickedly candid and often hilarious presence in the pages of our magazine. The legendary horror author has weighed in on the serious (recounting his own stint in rehab for a piece on celebrity addiction); the silly (writing about Gilbert Gottfried’s voiceover in the ShoeDini ad, he noted that “you can actually feel tortured brain cells screeching their last as that vocal buzz-saw rips ever deeper into your cerebral cortex”); and even the sad (“It’s a great banquet, all right, but all too often the famous person discovers that he or she is for dessert,” he wrote after the death of Anna Nicole Smith). Be sure to check out the six-page feature in our July 30 issue, and visit our new “Pop of King” hub here on, where all of the author’s columns and best-of lists are now archived. And don’t forget to let us know your pick for King’s all-time best EW column in the comments section below.