When I was young, my local church spent several years trying to make religion “cool” for us modern youth-kids, with our short attention spans and our punk rock music and our Super Mario. Traditional religious hymns were played during church services by a junior-high rock band. Terrifying teen-only “ice cream socials” were held in the Rec center. Turns out, my church had it all wrong. All you have to do to make Christianity cool is add one buff Paul Bettany and one million rounds of ammunition.

Mr. Bettany proved this in Legion, in which he played a gun-toting Archangel. (That might sound sacrilegious, but most scholars agree that The Adventures of a Gun-Toting Archangel at Earth’s End was the working title of the Book of Revelations.) But Mr. Bettany doesn’t think we got the message. So he’ll be back next summer in Priest, playing a badass warrior-pastor hunting vampires in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. What other roles can Paul Bettany play to pump Christianity full of steroids? Watch the Priest trailer and take the poll after the jump…