By Adam B. Vary
July 24, 2010 at 03:26 PM EDT

Before we started shooting our interview with the cast of The Other Guys here at Comic-Con, Mark Wahlberg and I bonded over the highly addictive BlackBerry game Brick Breaker — he’s apparently logged an astronomic seven-figure high score — so I thought he and I were totally cool. Then the cameras began to roll, and, well, things did not unfold as I expected. Please pay close attention to Will Ferrell’s eyes around the 2:05 mark, and you will understand why I considered it entirely possible that Mark Wahlberg was about to make good on his threat to harm my poor spectacles.

Wahlberg shook my hand after the interview, so I guess we’re okay, although my producer Jason Averett did overhear Mendes say to the actor on their way out that he should go back and give me a hug. That’s a really sweet thought, Eva, but I’m totally cool — no need for Mark Wahlberg to squeeze my toothpick torso. Nope, none at all.