By John Young
July 24, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

When Iron Man director Jon Favreau appeared onstage inside Comic-Con’s legendary Hall H to briefly discuss his upcoming Western-alien invasion hybrid, Cowboys & Aliens, the crowd showered him with applause worthy of a god. Little did the audience know that an even bigger idol of the movie geek community was about to make his very first Comic-Con appearance. That’s right, Harrison Ford has finally entered the Con.

After Favreau introduced Cowboys & Aliens costars Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Sam Rockwell, a bewildered Ford was “escorted” onstage in handcuffs by Comic-Con guards. (According to a Universal Pictures rep, the gag was meant to play off the idea that Ford was being “dragged” to the convention against his will; however, the actor’s entrance also echoed an actual assault that occurred an hour earlier in Hall H, after which the alleged assailant was taken out of Hall H in handcuffs). Nevertheless, the entire audience quickly rose to its feet to wildly embrace Ford. During a (very) brief Q&A, Ford answered only one question, pertaining to whether he ever anticipated becoming a celebrity. “No, I just wanted to make a living as an actor,” Ford said. “I didn’t know about all of this,” referencing the 6,000 ecstatic fans in the audience.

(Additional reporting by Adam B. Vary)