''Dinner for Schmucks'' costars dish about what makes working together so good

Steve Carell We always talk about Anchorman. That was one of the most fun things each of us has done. I was just so happy to be a part of something that I felt was that funny. We all got very fat shooting it because every day we would watch the dailies with hot fudge sundaes. We would laugh until we cried.
Paul Rudd That isn’t an exaggeration. It really was that silly.
Carell And 40 Year-Old Virgin was fun too, in the same way.
Rudd See, I didn’t care for that one too much.
Carell Oh, yes, you did.
Rudd [Smiles sheepishly] I did. I know I’ve started to become spoiled. I really like working with these guys.
EW So have you built the same fond memories on Dinner for Schmucks?
Rudd There have been times — [to Carell] I think I was telling you this earlier, not to make you uncomfortable, even though I probably do regardless — there have been times when I’ve been off camera and I just watch Steve. It’s watching total creativity and genius.
Carell This doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all. [Laughs] There’s so many good actors in this movie. [Costars include Zach Galifianakis and Flight of the Conchords‘ Jemaine Clement.] That’s fun, when you know there’s a lot more going on than what we’re doing in the movie, and a lot of funny things are happening around what we’re doing. [Pause] That is the most boring statement! Boy, put that in the article. That’ll sell 8 million issues. ”It was fun! I liked it! It made me laugh!” Ugh.
EW Okay, Steve, what is the most surprising thing about Paul Rudd?
Carell His smell.
Rudd It is surprising.
EW How would you describe it?
Carell It’s a sweet citrus, but it changes during the day. I think in the morning…
Rudd It’s more sweet.
Carell It’s very sweet and citrusy in the morning. It mellows by the afternoon into…
Rudd It’s like a glass of iced tea that’s been sitting in the sun too long.
Carell No. More of a burnt, woody — no, I shouldn’t say that.
Rudd That’s because I’m drinking Scotch throughout the day.
Carell I guess the surprising thing about Paul is that he is exactly the type of person you would imagine him to be. He lives up to your expectations. He exudes this very accessible charm when he’s on screen. He is accessibly charming in person as well. He is kind and truly a gentleman.
EW [To Rudd] Okay, now you’ve got to top that.
Carell What do I smell like?
Rudd You’ve got, like, a freesia meets Nantucket Briar… [Laughs] I think that people would assume that his main concern is about being funny and about jokes. I don’t consider Steve to be a comedian. He’s an actor, because really his main concern is empathy and portraying a character that you can identify with, relate to, and be moved by. That has nothing to do with jokes.
Carell That’s surprising to me. It surprises the hell out of me.

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