By Julie Chen
July 23, 2010 at 05:38 PM EDT
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Image Credit: CBSA lot of tears inside the house this week.

One of the misfortunes of winning a cash prize during the first week of a competition-based reality series is that you give your fellow players a reason to eliminate you – and I believe that’s what happened when Monet snagged the $10,000 prize during the first challenge. Whether or not that was the sole deciding factor for the House’s vote of 7-2 to eliminate Monet is uncertain, but it clearly gave Rachel and her fellow Housemates an excuse to hang their hat on.

I spoke with Monet after last night’s show and she’s in pretty good spirits despite the elimination. I think walking away with the $10,000 prize in hand definitely eases the pain. She did touch on how emotionally draining this past week has been for her and her trusted ally Britney. She also emphatically stated that she has no regrets for the trash talking seminars she and Britney held in the backyard. Those are two ladies I would never want to tick off.

I asked Monet if she had any parting advice for Britney and I was genuinely surprised by her answer. She suggested that Britney’s lifespan inside the house could be extended if she were able to team up with their rival, Rachel. A surprising but intriguing strategy if Britney could pull it off.

Now, let’s talk game play! Clearly, Matt had the move of the week by putting himself up as a pawn. WOW! An absolute risky move at this early stage of the game, when alliances are still fresh and can easily be broken and replaced by new ones. Whether or not his roll of the dice proves to be advantageous down the road is yet to be seen. He’s obviously playing both sides of the house and I personally think he took a hit when Rachel called him out during the House meeting. At the very least, he’s officially put a target on his back by announcing that he’s a player who is willing to lie and cheat to get to the end.  EVERYONE DOES IT…JUST DON’T GET CAUGHT.

Coming out of last week, I was honestly starting to wonder what was wrong with Kristen. She was literally the quietest Houseguest I had ever seen. I’m glad to see her show some fire this week when she stood up for herself. Maybe laying low is her strategy, but I hope she wakes up and starts asserting herself a bit more. My gut tells me she has the potential to be a sleeper in this game. Maybe her secret “showmance” will spark some new life.

Speaking of “showmance”…which “showmance” do you think will last longer inside the house? The “Love Nerds” or Hayden and Kristen? Let me know your thoughts below.

I think the Brigade still holds the power in the house based solely on numbers, but Rachel and Brendon could prove to be a powerful alliance.   I know I said it last week, but both are strong, both are bright, and if they stick together they might make a run at this. On the other side of the spectrum is Britney. Miss Arkansas could be in serious trouble depending on who snags this week’s HOH — or maybe she’ll adopt Monet’s advice and partner up with Rachel.

This is usually about the time in the game that we start to see a lot of scrambling inside the house and this upcoming week should be no different.


On the POV Competition:

* The dollar bills that the Houseguests were getting slapped with were over 8 inches long and the serial number on the Big Brother dollar bills was 19811450.

On the HOH Competition:

* The giant wave wall was 65 feet long and 12 feet high!

* The surfboards that the Houseguests balanced on were 8 feet long!

* The surfboards could be lowered to a 40 degree angle, increasing the difficulty of balancing!


Enzo: “It’s like Alcatraz with palm trees. I am about to go ‘Shawshank’ and spoon my way out.”

Rachel: (When I asked her if she would choose the half million dollars or Brendon?) “Brendon is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I would have to choose what’s best for me and Brendon.”

Matt: “Take it away Chenbot.” (I had to throw that one in there.)


I received some questions regarding my wardrobe for last week’s LIVE show. Thanks for those. I was wearing Thierry Mugler last week and in case you’re wondering, last night’s outfit was Max Mara.

Thanks to all of you for the support. We have a great season on our hands and it only promises to get better.

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