By Jeff Labrecque
Updated July 23, 2010 at 01:43 PM EDT

Joan Rivers, the one-time late-night regular who was seemingly banished after she deigned to challenge Johnny Carson with her own show in 1986, made the most of her time with David Letterman last night, taking swipes at Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, and “what’s his name — the one that’s not funny…Leno.” Rivers, who has appeared as a guest on Letterman, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien in recent years, even brought along some of the ashes of her deceased husband Edgar to celebrate the occasion.

First off, was Rivers funny? Are you enjoying her having a moment after winning last season’s Celebrity Apprentice and starring in a critically-acclaimed documentary about her life? Secondly, do you think Letterman played a little too innocent, as if he was totally oblivious about her years in the wilderness?