''Robocop,'' ''Rocky,'' and ''There Will Be Blood'' are a few of the movies the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain are screening this summer

By Adam B. Vary
Updated July 23, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Since 2005, the Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse theater chain has organized a summer road show of classic movies shown in one of the films’ iconic locations, often on a makeshift outdoor screen. This year’s theme is ”We Are All Workers,” but Alamo CEO Tim League admits, ”We use that very liberally.”

1. Jackie Brown
Torrance, Calif., August 6
Del Amo Fashion Center parking lot
”A lot of the [1997 film’s] locations aren’t really suitable for an outdoor screening,” says League. One that is: the mall used for a memorable killing.

2. Dirty Harry
San Francisco, August 7
Washington Square Park
In the 1971 Clint Eastwood cop film, sniper Scorpio (Andrew Robinson) scouts a victim from a rooftop overlooking this park.

3. There Will Be Blood
Bakersfield, Calif., August 8
Kern County Museum
The 2007 drama never shot in its real setting in California’s oil fields, but director Paul Thomas Anderson did visit this local museum for research.

4. Convoy, Red Dawn
Las Vegas, N.M., August 8
Fort Union Drive-In
For Sam Peckinpah’s 1978 trucker movie (paired with the ’84 Cold War action pic), League hopes to circle the screening with horn-blaring semis: ”We’ll have unbelievable surround sound.”

5. The Blues Brothers
Chicago, August 13
Joliet Prison
Before arriving at the (now-empty) prison where the 1980 film begins, fans can visit other sites on a pre-show scavenger hunt.

6. Robocop
Detroit, August 14
Russell Industrial Center
The 1987 sci-fi satire was set in the Motor City but shot in Dallas. Working with Detroit’s film commission, League found a location ”that had that bombed-out look.”

7. Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III
Philadelphia, August 19
Philadelphia Museum of Art
A no-brainer: a Rocky marathon on the museum steps that Sylvester Stallone famously climbed.

8. On The Waterfront
Hoboken, N.J., August 20
Pier A Park
The chosen site for the Marlon Brando ’54 classic is ideal. ”They’ve converted one of the piers to a park,” explains League. ”You get a perfect view of Manhattan, and on either side is a working shipyard.”

9. The Godfather Part II
New York City, August 27
Rooftop near Little Italy
League hopes to screen on a roof overlooking Mulberry Street, but a school six blocks away is the fallback. Regardless, he promises cannoli at the after-party.