Learn more about NBC's Emmy-nominated reporter

By Tanner Stransky
Updated July 23, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

The 34-year-old Today and NBC News correspondent just scored an Emmy nod for his moving piece on his ailing sister. Since settling at NBC in 2004, he’s traveled everywhere from the Arctic and Gaza to Afghanistan and Laos for stories.

BORN TO BROADCAST ”My mom would tell you my career started at the dinner table with a Fisher-Price wrench upside down, broadcasting her serving food.”

MOST MEMORABLE ASSIGNMENT ”Interviewing Fidel Castro during a hurricane in Cuba. It was like a Forrest Gump moment.”

ON HIS EMMY NOM ”Telling my sister’s story [Rebecca has a rare disease that’s robbing her of her vision and hearing] was the toughest story I’ve ever told. She’s the bravest, funniest, coolest person I know.”