For those of you unlucky enough to never have stumbled upon the joyous experience that is A Very Potter Musical, let me fill you in. In 2009, group of students from the University of Michigan that call themselves Team StarKid created a full, two-act, originally-scored musical based on the Harry Potter universe. In a word, it’s brilliant. A simultaneous love-letter and spoof of the bespectacled wizard’s journey through Hogwarts, A Very Potter Musical featured a tap-dancing Voldemort, a Southern belle Cho Chang, songs such as “Granger Danger” and “Get Back to Hogwarts,” and a Zac Efron poster-turned-Horcrux. The video series became an internet phenomenon, garnering millions of views on YouTube and helping leading man, Darren Criss, earn a role on ABC’s now-defunct Eastwick. (He also just released a new EP, that’s selling quite well on iTunes.)

Imagine my excitement, then, when I logged onto YouTube this morning, to find that A Very Potter Sequel had just posted online! “Act 1, Part 1” chronicles Lucius Malfoy’s (who seems to be channeling both Lady Gaga and a Spanish matador) plan to kill Harry Potter, and the opening number cast Rictusempra (the uncontrollable laughing charm, duh) on me. I’d only just finished watching, but faster than you could say, “Swish and flick,” I knew I had to blog about it. Watch the first video (of thirty) below!

[UPDATE: So, now I’ve seen the full show, and I’m happy to report that I enjoyed it a ton! There’s perhaps too much talking for my taste, which can make the show drag, but when the music is on, “it’s totally awesome!” The slow-motion quidditch scene (and preceding dance-off) swept me off my feet, while “Harry Freakin’ Potter” inserted itself into my head like an auror talented in Leglimency. Standout new characters included the wonderfully over-the-top Seamus Finnigan and Lucius Malfoy, as well as the perfectly-voiced busybody, Rita Skeeter (though the actors that played these characters appeared in AVPM). All in all, I remain thoroughly impressed with Team StarKid’s creativity and enthusiasm. Bravo!]

Ah, I love it! What do you think, PopWatchers? Did you watch A Very Potter Musical, and are you on board for A Very Potter Sequel? Do you think Team StarKid is as remarkably talented and creative as I do?

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