By Simon Vozick-Levinson
July 22, 2010 at 05:53 PM EDT

Justin Timberlake has scored some choice roles as an actor lately — did you catch him in that trailer for The Social Network? But he’s never gone behind the camera until now. Timberlake is making his directorial debut with a new ad campaign for 901 Silver Tequila, the liquor brand he launched last year. The “At Liberty” campaign features three spots directed by the singer. And we have the first-ever sneak peeks of Justin on the set right here.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Yarbrough/901 Silver TequilaIn the first image, above, he’s sitting in the director’s chair for a spot called “Improved by Use.” According to press materials, this ad “singles out one man among a crowd of followers. Surrounded by the ordinary, his presence symbolizes superior quality and the desire to strive higher.”

The second image, below, shows Timberlake directing actress Felisha Terrell in an ad called “Let Them Eat Cake.” She plays “a self-assured, beautiful, poised woman who commands viewers’ attention. She is powerful, controlled and a spoken visionary who knows how to get what she wants.” Wonder what he’s telling her?

Image Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Yarbrough/901 Silver TequilaBoth ads were filmed at L.A.’s Standard Hotel. They’ll be viewable at this coming Monday, Jul. 26. What do you think of these images?

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