Image Credit: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage.comStanding in front of the leader of the free world and perhaps the greatest living pop icon in the world, performing one of said icon’s own songs? NBD, dudes.

It’s been a long road for Mr. Jack White from Hotel Yorba to the White House, but the White Stripes frontman/Raconteur/Dead Weather-er/hair artiste keeps his wits about him—while seeming appropriately subdued—in a performance of the 1968 Lennon/MccCartney ballad “Mother Nature’s Son,” from the upcoming Paul McCartney Gershwin Prize special, set to air on PBS July 28.

The show will feature Paul himself, as well as Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl, Emmylou Harris, Herbie Hancock and … the Jonas Brothers. (Malia and Sasha, your vote has been counted).

See White’s solo acoustic performance—to a head-nodding, toe-tapping ‘Bama and Macca—below:

What do you think, readers—the right choice for the players, and the circumstances? Any other Beatles (or perhaps Wings!) song you would have liked to see White take on?

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