Image Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty ImagesFrontman Travie McCoy is doing his solo “Billionaire” thing at the moment, but he and the rest of Gym Class Heroes are already thinking about their next move as a group. “We have close to 15 demos written for the next Gym Class record,” McCoy recently told EW.

I spoke with the rapper in between his opening performances on Rihanna‘s current tour, where Gym Class Heroes drummer Matt McGinley is keeping the beat for him. McCoy was looking forward to guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo visiting them on the road soon. “We’re going to start writing some more stuff,” he said. “Once things slow down a little bit for this cycle, we’re definitely diving head first into the next Gym Class record.”

While it’s too early to know exactly what the follow-up to GCH’s 2008 album The Quilt will sound like, McCoy has some ideas. “We’re going to go back to what drew people to us in the beginning: the four of us in a room just jamming until something sounded cool,” he said. “We’re going to try to stay away from working with a lot of producers on this record. We want to recapture the rawness that got us signed and revisit upstate New York, where we wrote a lot of [2005’s] The Papercut Chronicles.”

Are you looking forward to Gym Class Heroes’ return? What do you hope their next album will sound like?

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