Earlier this summer, I was perusing the local mall and stumbled across an As Seen on TV store. Now, I’ve always felt that the whole idea of such a store seems a bit paradoxical, because it sells products that supposedly can only be purchased as you see them on TV. But I digress. The store carried a product that caught my eye called the BraBABY. Basically, the BraBABY is supposed to protect your ever-so-delicate bras from the “ravages of the washing machine.” I snapped a photo on my phone and immediately sent it to my mom, telling her it was the weirdest bra product I had ever seen. Until now.

Baron Bob is selling a product called the Wine Rack, which is essentially a bra that holds wine (or any other adult beverage that you feel the need to hide). It works the way a water backpack works for hikers — except it’s worn as a bra. Oh, and it’s not for hydration. It’s for the classy act of getting drunk in public without anyone noticing.

An interesting alternative to surgery, the Wine Rack also claims to ‘fill out’ the wearer — as you drink the wine, there’s a tube you blow into to maintain the ‘full’ look the Wine Rack provides. Unfortunately, bigger busted ladies are left out of all the fun. Wine bras are only sold in sizes up to 38C. (Count this as today’s blessing in disguise.)

Naturally, Kathie Lee and Hoda even checked out the product on Today. What is the world coming to? Even as I write this, I sit in disbelief. What will they think of next?

So what’s your verdict, PopWatchers? Is this the strangest thing you’ve heard of? And what is the male equivalent of the Wine Rack? Do I even want to know? Drinking from your boxers or briefs seems a little inconvenient.

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