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Image Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network“I spent the last six hours being duct-taped to James Roday and laying on asphalt. So that shows how my morning’s been going,” Dulé Hill says, laughing and apologizing for phoning EW a few minutes late on a recent lunch break. “But it’s all good. We have a good time.” Hill is definitely not complaining, not after getting to tap dance in tonight’s episode (USA, 10 p.m. ET) with his good friend Jason Samuels Smith, another vet of Broadway’s Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk. Gus (Hill) and Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) somehow end up in the same tap class, taught by Smith, and team up to solve a crime together before their dance recital. “Tim was good for what he needed to do. Gus turns out to be pretty fabulous, if I must say so myself,” Hill says. “I’ve always wanted to get to dance on the air, to find the right way to work tap into this show, but it’s not always easy. So I’m thankful that the producers and the writing staff came together to make it happen. There’s so many wonderful tap dancers out there that just don’t have the avenue for the light to be shown on them and for the public to know who they are, so I was glad to be able to have Jason come out so people could see the genius that he is. And then, of course, I got my Jamaican roots,” he adds, “so we got to touch into that a little bit, and Jason and I end up dancing to the Nas-Damian Marley song ‘As We Enter.’

Can Hill tap dance around EW reader questions? Let’s find out.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: A number of readers wanted to know when Gus would find love. They’d like to see him in a serious relationship.

DULÉ HILL: You know, that is a question that I’ve been asking for a while. I think if he found true love, a serious relationship, it would change the dynamic too much of the show. My thought is that you probably won’t see Gus find true love until the end of the show or never. [Laughs] You may seem him date some more, but I don’t think he’ll find that ongoing long-term thing for a while.

Have you shot any episodes for this season in which he is dating?

We just finished one where he is dating, but it’s kind of a cruel way they did it to me. [Laughs] I don’t want to ruin it, but he is dating somebody for a while there but we never really get a chance to meet her. [Laughs] She’s like this phantom lady that I’m dating for a week.

SHERIKA asks, “Will Gus and Shawn ever hook up?”

[Laughs] Uh, I don’t think that is going to be happening. I know there may be a lot of people who’d like to see that. But I don’t think you’ll see Shawn and Gus hooking up in the way that I think people are wondering if we will hook up. We’re so intertwined already, I don’t think you’ll see us getting any closer. At least not in this show. We’ll see what comes next.

DAVID PUDDY asks, “Is Gus going to get a new car soon? Five years is a little long to keep a car ‘like new.'”

Never. Never. Never. How dare he ask that question. How dare he. I’m completely offended and distraught. I will never get rid of my blueberry. [Laughs] Gus and the blueberry is like Gus and Shawn. They’re inseparable. And I would actually disagree ’cause I’ve had my car for six years. I bought my car in 2004, and people say it still looks like new.

DEREK says, “You finally tap this season. Are there any hidden talents James has yet to use on the show?”

I know he can play a small guitar thingie.

A mandolin?

A mandolin, I think that’s it. I don’t know if he lets that out the bag too much, so I may have just given out some information. [Laughs] He’s stretched a little wide between writing and directing and acting and singing psych-outs. Maybe we’ll see the mandolin show up some day. Let’s start a mandolin petition. “We want James Roday to Play the Mandolin on Psych.” And Burton Guster will be the first one signing on to it.

LIVER asks, “Is your run on the show (particularly in the episode with the dinosaur and reference to Holes) over-exaggerated, or do you really run like that?”

Is there something wrong with the run? [Laughs] I hope I don’t run like that. I don’t know how I found it. One day, we were just doing it, and it just came out, and that became Gus’ run. Whoever asked that question, you should try it one day. It’s a lot of fun. It’s freeing. It frees the mind and soul.

ITSASHLEYELLA!* asks, “If you could play any other character in Psych for a day who would choose?”

That’s a good question. Who would I choose… If it was last season, I would say Henry Spencer. He comes in, like, one day or two days an episode, and he throws on shorts and a nice button-up shirt and gets to do all his scenes in the house pretty much and Corbin [Bernsen] loves that schedule. He just loves it. This year’s a little different. He has to throw on the suits.

I miss him in casual wear.

Yeah. I hope that sometime this season we’ll be able to get back to that a little bit. You don’t want to lose that too much. But I also welcome the change because it’s been fun playing with Corbin in that new dynamic. So I wouldn’t mind playing Henry Spencer… I take that back. Lassiter. That’s just a fun character to me. He’s such an ass. He’s SUCH an ass. As a fan of the show, I love Lassiter, and Tim does so much with it. That’d be fun. Who doesn’t like to play — I wouldn’t want to say Lassiter is a villain, but he’s the antagonist.

PATRICE T asks, “Will Gus’s love of endangered wildlife (ex. Shabby the sea lion) come into play again this season?”

Yes. It will. The episode we’re filming right now — which is being directed by Reginald Hudlin,who directed Boomerang, which is one of my favorite movies of all time — it starts with Shawn and Gus dealing with some endangered wildlife, some random bat, that’s how we get into this whole mystery that we’re a part of.

TASHA says, “Shawn and Gus often get to live out their childhood fantasies (e.g.: being firemen) — have you gotten to live out any of your own childhood fantasies through the show?”

Besides getting a chance to tap again on television… “American Duos,” when I got a chance to dress up as Michael Jackson. I love Michael Jackson. I’ve always been an MJ fan, especially from the Thriller days, so to be able to throw on a Thriller jacket and put on some tight red pants with penny loafers and some white socks and Jheri curl, and moonwalk across the stage with a crowd there screaming out. I know they were screaming because the director told them to, but still. It was definitely a childhood dream coming true for me. So many things. Working with Phylicia Rashad when she came out to play my mother. Even being on television. I first set my goal of being on television at the age of 15. And to now be 35, and on my second go-round on a long-running television series, that’s definitely fulfilling a childhood dream.

Come back to PopWatch tomorrow when Hill answers questions about his favorite nickname from Shawn, the songs we might be hearing in Psych-Outs this season, and more.

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