By Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick
July 21, 2010 at 04:46 PM EDT
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No point in trying to write you a clever intro here, people. I’ve got a blind item for you, and it’s kinda-sorta almost too juicy. Ready? The male lead on a Big Five hour drama set to debut this fall is on the verge of being recast. How come? His behavior has been so over-the-top demanding that “diva” is just about the nicest thing anyone is saying about him.

Case in point: The star in question recently called an emergency meeting with the show’s writers—via speakerphone—to pitch the stories he wants the series to tell. “Few of them fit with the show that anybody else is interested in doing,” my on-set spy tattles. “Most of them focus on his character’s sex life.”

As the “discussion” went on (and on and on), “writers started getting up and leaving the room,” my mole adds. “There were long periods when only one person was present, and only so there’d be a voice if said troublesome actor asked for a response. Which he didn’t. He just talked and talked and talked.”

A big clue for you: The legend-in-his-own-mind has a long history of being high-maintenance—so long a history, in fact, that it’s more than a little shocking that he continues to get hired. Oh, and another clue: Johnny Difficult’s leading lady has been, I’m told, his polar opposite, a dream to work with.

And that, Ausholes, is all you’re getting out of me… at least for now. Guesses below.

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