July 20, 2010 at 07:30 PM EDT

Image Credit: Everett CollectionThanks to the magical powers of instant Netflix, I’ve been watching a lot of stuff lately that I might not have gotten around to otherwise. (Mostly I watch Friday Night Lights over and over. But sometimes I change it up!) I’ve been going through some romance classics because I can never convince anyone to watch them with me. So, perfect opportunity to finally watch The Way We Were! And Love Story. And be shocked to discover how much I hated both of them. [And solidify my slot on the “definitely going to die alone” list.]

I know, I know: blasphemy. They’re classics! Love means never having to say you’re sorry! Misty water-colored memories! Etc. I’d be willing to grant that these films played somewhat differently at the times of their releases, and that they maybe just haven’t aged well, but holy God was I ever disappointed. I’ve been hearing for decades that these are two of the best, most iconic romances in American film. I could barely stand to finish them.

Surely you have had a similar experience, PopWatchers. You fiiiinally got around to that classic, only to discover that, oh, a third of the film is grating montages (Love Story), or that there are weird glaring gaps in the narrative (The Way We Were). What classic movie has let you down?

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