July 20, 2010 at 01:15 PM EDT

A lot of people who enjoyed the first couple of seasons of the delightful Mary Louise Parker as suburban pot dealer drama have since abandoned the series at some point along the way. But the new preview (embedded below) for season 6, which premieres Aug. 16, may be enough to renew their interest. The Botwins have rechristened themselves the Newmans, on the run to the Northern climes where the twisted brood might find some normalcy in their lives. I love their hotel jobs, I love Justin Kirk in white, I love a good Linda Hamilton sighting, I love the increasingly bats*** little brother. (For whatever reason, I can do without Nancy’s wig.)

What do you degenerates think? Do you dig the new trailer? Is its zippiness enough to bring you strays back into the fold? Is Justin Kirk on anybody else’s Christmas wish list?

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