By Darren Franich
Updated July 20, 2010 at 07:05 PM EDT

Hosting a reality TV show clearly requires some kind of skill. Science hasn’t figured out what that “skill” is…but who needs science? We viewers can naturally sense when a reality TV host is “good” (Phil Keoghan), “bad” (Monica Lewinsky), “flirting shamelessly with the married female contestants” (Chris Jericho on Downfall), or “will be human when he saves his father from Monstro the Whale” (Howie Mandel). But here’s some knowledge, kids: Reality TV hosts can do real jobs, too. Take Jeff Probst. If you’re like me, then you assumed that Probst spent his pre-Survivor life living with a family of wild gorillas, before CBS trapped him and gave him a wardrobe of explorer shirts. But turns out, he’s an ordained minister with some hippie Internet church. A tax break, you say? Maybe…except that he just officiated Jenna Fischer’s wedding!

So now we know that hosting a reality TV show about swimsuit-clad conspirators is good training to minister a celebrity wedding. Who knew! PopWatchers, what other sorta-real-world jobs are reality TV hosts more than qualified for?

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