By Karen Valby
Updated July 20, 2010 at 09:20 PM EDT

A few episodes back, I broke up with the New Jersey Housewives. Like Dina, I found myself desperate to be anywhere other than in the presence of Danielle’s alternately tedious and maddening flare-ups in her tired quest for attention from the Manzo clan, Bravo producers, the lesbian chanteuse fanbase, etc. And there are only so many ham games in Caroline’s kitchen one can endure. I figured I’d get my fix through Teresa’s surprisingly entertaining Bravo blogs and wait to get my crazy on at the Reunion special. But hold up! Just when I thought I was out, these four little moppets came into my life.

This really shouldn’t work. Little girls wearing wigs and makeup aren’t very funny, and their scripts are terrible. But the genius is in the details! Shrimp Jacqueline’s hair-twirling, Danielle’s “La La La,” Caroline’s enormous cross necklace, Danielle hitting a puppy in the face at a charity luncheon, the animal crackers and the juice boxes on the table that Teresa flips, Danielle’s crying daughter. I would’ve loved a brief Dina cameo, or at least a couple of kittens playing the roles of her crazy cats, but other than that omission, I’m in love.

What do you fellow Housewives hags think? Does this measure up to the “Kids Reenact: MTV’s The Hills“? Has anybody else washed their hands clean of the Franklin Lakes crew? Did these kids at least give you a chuckle? Doesn’t Teresa give good blog?

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