Image Credit: Mario Perez/CBSYou know you’ve broken into the boys’ club when you can’t seem to stop taking roles originally played by guys. Grace Park first gained attention while playing Lieut. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii in Sci Fi’s remake of Battlestar Galactica. (Boomer from the 1978 series was portrayed by Herbert Jefferson Jr.) And now Park will be pulling the sex swap all over again this fall, as Det. Kono Kalakaua in CBS’ reboot of Hawaii Five-0. (Kono was played by the burly actor Zulu in the 1968 original.)

Park attributes all the gender bending not to her special brand of gravitas, but to Hollywood’s zeal for remakes and the need to inject them with modern sensibilities. “Back in the day, we used to have much more male-centric shows,” she says. “You still have male-heavy shows, but having a woman in there adds a new dimension.” That said, she sees plenty of ways to exploit this trend: “My next goal is to do J.R. from Dallas. Then maybe Larry from Three’s Company.” Note to network executives: Please make this happen.

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