July 20, 2010 at 01:00 PM EDT

I have a fascination with Dora the Explorer. Maybe it’s because when I watched Nickelodeon, there wasn’t a strong bilingual female figure to look up to. Then again, the pop culture universe seems to have a fascination, too. You’ve probably noticed that she keeps popping up — Saturday Night Live did a fabulous Dora parody about Maraka and her friend, Mittens. And then there’s that line from “Number One Spot” by Ludacris: “Explorer like Dora/these swipers can’t swipe me.” Clever, Luda!

And last week, the people over at ElectricSpoofaloo took their turn with an ode to Dora and the new movie Inception with Incepción, Dora’s first live-action feature.There’s something highly entertaining about hearing really scientific language spoken in that precious Dora voice. And after seeing Inception, I bet there are some people who could stand to watch the Dora version of the movie. I’m thinking it would be much less confusing. “Can you tell me whether Leo is dreaming or experiencing reality?” And then our good friend would give us a hearty, “That’s right!” after we responded. Oh, the simple life.

What other movie spoofs should Dora star in?

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