By Margaret Lyons
July 19, 2010 at 11:04 PM EDT

I’ve been a faithful True Blood fan from the get go, and, on balance, I really love the show. It’s so naughty and weird! (My faves.) But as much as I love a blood-drenched orgy and twangy f-bombs (a lot!), I am often left with a feeling of complete befuddlement after an episode. Last night’s was a prime example. Behold, my lingering questions about True Blood (just the show, not the books):

So…Just how dumb is Jason Stackhouse?

Well, he ate ink last night, so that pushes him past “dumber than Joey Tribbiani” territory and dangerously close to “I wonder about this person’s ability to function in adult society.” Let’s make sure he gets a gun, pronto!

Why are vampires organized by state?

If these vamps have been around for so long, shouldn’t their hierarchy predate American geography?

Why do the werewolves look like extras from a 1980s metal video?

So vampires are the fancy upper crust of mythological being society, and the werewolves are the git-r-done underbelly. Why?

Is the stuff about Sam’s family supposed to be interesting?

Because it is not interesting at all! We get it, everyone’s family is the worst. Sookie was molested by her great uncle, Tara’s mom is a drunk, Lafayette’s mother is crazy, Jessica’s family is crazily strict, Arlene married a serial killer, etc. Here’s 10 werebucks that says Sam’s family is also terrible.

What are you lingering questions about the season so far, Bloodhounds?

Sookie, Bill, Eric, Lafayette, Sam and the other residents Bon Temps deal with vampires, werewolves, fairies, and shape-shifters—not to mention romance and drama
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