By Darren Franich
Updated July 30, 2020 at 05:16 PM EDT

Annie Barrett asked me to take over her Lunchtime Pollster duties while she’s on vacation in Canada or wherever. (Actually, she just left a post-it note on my computer screen: “DO MY JOB FOR ME, NERD!”) Like most people, I spent the weekend waiting in line to see Batman Minus Batman Inception. No spoilers here, but I do have one question: Is Christopher Nolan running a Career Renewal Center? As far as me and my friend IMDB can figure, Inception is the first time that Tom Berenger has starred in a major Hollywood release since Major League II, in 1994. (To all you Twilight fans: Tom Berenger was the coolest man alive in 1986, and then again briefly in 1989.)

You also have Lukas Haas (the dude with the crazy grandma in Mars Attacks!) and Tom Hardy, the only actor not wearing a perfectly-tailored monochrome suit. Before I saw Inception, I still mostly remembered Hardy for his role as Captain Picard’s Evil Romulan Clone in Star Trek: Nemesis. Which is not a sentence that Annie Barrett will ever write.

Who were you most excited to see in Inception, PopWatchers?

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